Tech Training Certificate Program

A socially innovative, one-year project for adults and/ or youth with diverse abilities. Participants will obtain introductory level training in the two technical streams: Fire Protection and Underground Utility Technician. Participants will also receive introductory occupational skills, employability skills training, and work experience training in the two listed technical areas.


  • Currently receiving Employment Insurance (EI) benefits or Reachback, have had an EI Benefit within the previous 60 months or have earned more than $2000 in insurable earnings and have paid Employee EI premiums on those earnings in at lease 5 of the last 10 years (Note: the 5 do not have to consecutive)

  • Permanent resident or citizen of Canada

  • Youth between 19 - 30 years old

  • Self-disclosed disability

  • Reading level 5 LINC (or higher)

  • Essential skills Numeracy Level 4 (or higher)


  • Underground Utility Locator Technicians (RULT) identify and label underground public utility lines and mains

  • May include lines for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, fiber optics, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, water mains, and wastewater pipes

  • May also include major oil and gas pipelines, national defense communication lines, mass transit, rail and road tunnels

  • Participants will work outside, may be on their feet all day, wear steel-toed boots and travel to client sites everyday

  • Use utility maps as guides, to find approximate locations of utilities and use electronic equipment to locate underground utilities

  • Place metal rods or spray-paint identifying marks on ground to mark pathways


  • Fire Protection Technicians (RFPTs) inspect and test fire protection systems

  • Often requires wearing person protective equipment (PPE) - safety shoes, glasses, hearing protection, helmet, high visibility vest, etc.

  • Travel to client sites everyday (Driver's license usually required)

  • Test, inspect fire protection extinguisher, alarms, lights, sprinklers

  • Write reports, punch, stamp and affix tags

  • Some light physical labour light fitting, climbing ladders, moving equipment

  • Perform basic math calculations to solve problems and troubleshoot

  • Verbal and written communication with clients and co-workers

  • Provide customer service and enjoy working with customers

  • Read, interpret and apply Fire Protection Codes & Standards. Follow ASTTBC Code of Ethics

  • Usually work for a fire protection service company


  • Essential skills training

  • Technical career exploration

  • Full work gear

  • Employment support


  • Workplace Safety Certifications

  • Industry-Specific Training and Certification


November 9, 2020 - February 26, 2021


Call: 778-888-1177 Ext: 350/351 or Email:

Office: Unit 404C/ 307 7327 137St. King George Blvd, Surrey, BC, V2W 1A4

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