Government Funded, Free Employment Training Programs


Helping you find a career in the field of your interests.

Funded by the Government in partnership with the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS) to deliver on and off the job training that helps individuals obtain skills they need for employment. Choose an exciting career in Healthcare, Trades works, and much more.


Dear job seekers!

We are having an employment discussion forum with invited speakers from distinguished organizations where they have contributed over several years in creating inclusive workplaces.  '

Hiring Talent with Equity' -


The session will help you to understand:

How to cross the barriers to become a part of workforce that you experience as an immigrant?

How inclusive workplaces can be created?

How you understand inclusion from employers and job seekers perspectives?

The event is FREE and scheduled for Oct 28, 2022 @10.00 am onwards. This is a chance to ask your doubts from experts if you experience any challenge in job finding because of barriers!

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