Retail & Warehouse Employment Program - STE

The “Building Connections to Employment for Multi-barriered Individuals” (BCEMI) program is designed to empower eligible participants, especially Recent Immigrants, Refugees, and Visible Minorities with limited Canadian education and language proficiency. Through a comprehensive approach, including multilingual in-person, online, and hybrid services, the program addresses barriers such as language skills, lack of local work experience, and limited employment skills. Focused on Mainland Southwest and Thompson-Okanagan, participants will graduate with a post-secondary credential, equipped with foundational knowledge and skills for the retail or warehousing industry.. This initiative not only facilitates sustainable employment for participants but also benefits employers and local communities by providing a skilled workforce tailored to these industries.

Certificate Courses 


  • Forklift

  • Emergency First Aid/ FIOPPA

  • Safe Lifting Techniques

  • World Host

  • Food Safe


1. Financial Support for occupational skills Training 

2. $10 daily allowance for 12 weeks

3. Fully funded training from Western Community College

4. One-on-one employment counseling and coaching services 

5. Job search skills and directed work search 

6. Support with re-entry into the workforce  

7. Specific skills training related to the targeted job  

8. Better understanding of current labor market trends and work environment to land a sustainable job

Expected Outcome:

1. Increased Employability Skills

2. Improved knowledge of soft skills in the workplace to maintain a sustainable job

3. Develop hands-on experience through work experience

4. Better understanding of current labor market trends and work environment to land a sustainable job.

This program anticipates that eligible participants will graduate with the necessary skills and

credentials to secure employment in the targeted sectors. Simultaneously, employers and

communities stand to gain from a more inclusive and skilled workforce, fostering economic

growth and development. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of creating meaningful

connections between individuals facing barriers to employment and industries seeking

dedicated and skilled workers.

Admissions Requirements 

  • Living in BC 

  • not receiving duplicative financial supports from another provincially or federally funded

labour market program, though may be receiving complementary, non- duplicative financial

supports from other programs, such as WorkBC, that enable or enhance program


  • Unemployed or Precariously Employed; and 

  • individual who self-identifies as facing two or more of the following barriers to employment: 

a. housing instability 

b. recovering from addiction 

c. C. prior criminal justice involvement 

d. mental health challenges 

e. lack of recent and/or Canadian work experience 

f. lack of basic employment skills 

g. limited literacy, financial literacy, or digital literacy skills 

h. limited English language skills 

i. having less than a Grade 12 education 

  • being a: 

a. Visible Minority, Recent Immigrant, Refugee; or 

b. Young Adult at Risk; or 

c. Older Worker; or 

d. Survivor of Violence and/or Abuse; or 

e. Person with Disabilities.

Contact Details

For Vancouver:

Winston Liu (Job Developer & Facilitator)


Phone: (604)596-7722 Ext. 405

Location: 8153 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V5X 3L2

For Surrey:      

Amin Islam (Job Developer and Facilitator)


Phone: 604-596-7722 Ext: 199      

Location: 12725 80th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 3A6

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