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Cohort 2 online application ENDED. Please DO NOT apply now. Please check this website in mid April for the Cohort 3 online application.

Cohort 2 – April 8th, 2024 – September 6th, 2024

The Accounting and Payroll Administration program will provide a thorough working knowledge of fundamental accounting, bookkeeping and payroll procedures. The program provides the skills necessary to administer payroll and to maintain manual or computerized accounting records. This program is ideal for someone with some office administrative assistant or clerical experience who would like to move to a position in bookkeeping, accounting or payroll. It is also useful for someone who needs to manage the finances of their own business.

Admissions Requirements:

 Living in BC

 Not receiving duplicative financial supports from another provincially or federally funded labour market program, though may be receiving complementary, non- duplicative financial supports from other programs, such as WorkBC, that enable or enhance program participation;

• Unemployed or Precariously Employed; and

• Individual who self-identifies as facing two or more of the following barriers to employment:

a. housing instability

b. recovering from addiction

c. mental health challenges

d. lack of recent and/or Canadian work experience

e. lack of basic employment skills

f. limited literacy, financial literacy, or digital literacy skills

g. limited English language skills

h. having less than a Grade 12 education

 Being a:

A. Visible Minority, Recent Immigrant, Refugee; or

B. Young Adult at Risk; or

C. Older Worker; or

D. Survivor of Violence and/or Abuse; or

E. Person with Disabilities.


• Introduction to Computers

• Office Procedures

 Customer Service

• Business Communications 1

• Business Communications 2

 Accounting Fundamentals 1

 Accounting Fundamentals 2



• Payroll Fundamentals

• Excel 1

• Excel 2

• Success Strategies

 Employment Strategies

Program Structure:

Orientation &;Essential Skills – 1 week

Working Safely and Occupation Certifications – 1 week

Accounting & Payroll certificate training – 15 weeks

Practicum Preparation – 1 week

On-the-job practicum – 4 weeks

Job Search Follow up support – 1 week

Q & A:

1) Question: I have already applied for the cohort 1 before, do I need to apply online again for the cohort 2?

Answer: Yes, please click “Apply Now” on this website again if you want to apply for the cohort 2 starting in April 2024. Many applicants applied for the cohort 1 are not available to attend the cohort 2. Also, the filtering questions are different between cohort 1 and cohort 2.

Therefore, we refrain from forwarding applications to future cohorts.

2) Question: Do I need my Work BC Case Manager to refer me into this program?

Answer: The program is STE not PBLMT. This program does not require a Work BC Case Manager referral.Skills Training for Employment (STE) programs help British Columbians

who face barriers to participation in the labour market, regardless of Employment Insurance eligibility. There are six STE programs, which focus on: multi-barriered individuals; indigenous persons; young adults; young adults at risk; survivors of violence and abuse; older workers (55

years of age and older) …etc.

3) Question: Am I eligible to apply for this program?

Answer: If you click “Apply Now,” and you are able to fill up and answer all the filtering questions on the website, you are eligible to apply for this program.

4) Question: Is there any English literacy skill requirement for this program?

Answer: There is no specific English literacy requirement for this program. However, the class is delivered in English, so you need to have basic English literacy skills to enroll.

5) Question: What is the possible career outcome after I graduate from this program?

Answer: The possible career outcomes are listed below but not limited to:


Accounting Clerk


Payroll Clerk

We have multiple employer partners that you can select for your practicum. However, your experience, resume, and interview skills are also factors of your career outcome.

6) Question: I have applied online but have not heard back. What else can I do? When is the interview?

Answer: We received 500+ applications per cohort, and it is very time consuming to review applications, and arrange interviews. Interviews are conducted between February and March 2024. Please wait patiently.

7) Question: Can I call or email to find out my application status? When do I receive the result with an acceptance letter for the program starting on April 8 th 2024?

Answer: Even if you call or email, no one is able to answer this question before April 1st 2024. All the application status is remained pending until we finalize the selected list by April 1st 2024. We conduct interviews in February and March 2024. If you are selected for the

program starting on April 8, 2024, you should receive an acceptance letter via email between April 1st and 5th, 2024.

8) Question: How many seats are available for the cohort 2 class starting April 8 th 2024? Can I still apply now?

Answer: 15-20 seats are available for the cohort 2 class starting April 8th 2024. We are accepting applications between Dec 29th 2023 – March 29th 2024.

9) Question: Will you host cohort 3 in the future after cohort 2 starting April 8th 2024?

Answer: We will host future cohorts as listed below:

Cohort 3 in July 2024- December 2024

Cohort 4 in October 2024- March 2025

Cohort 5 in March 2025- September 2025

Cohort 6 in July 2025- December 2025

Cohort 7 in October 2025- March 2026

However, the online application and details for the cohort 3 will not be available until mid-April 2024. Please check this website again in mid- April 2024, if you are interested in cohort 3.

Under regular circumstances, we post new online applications 2 months prior the new cohort start date, and we refrain from forwarding applications to future cohorts. If you are interested in future cohorts, please re-apply again when the online application for subsequent

cohorts becomes available at a later date.

10) Question: I just input the wrong information and/ or uploaded a wrong resume when applying online. Can I re-submit my application again?

Answer: Yes, you can simply click “Apply Now” again to input your information and upload your resume again. We only filter applicant’s qualification through the online portal. Please DO NOT email in your resume and the application information.

11) Question: Is this program delivered online or in-person?

Answer: The classes are conducting 80% online virtual through Teams/ Zoom meetings, and 20% in-person in the local training facilities.

12) Question: Where is the location for the 20% in person training?

Answer: If you live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, the in-person occupational certificate training facility is located in either Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, or Surrey. We will coordinate with the local training facilities and provide you with the exact location at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled time, allowing you to arrange your commute.

If you reside in the interior of BC or on Vancouver Island, you have the option to attend the in-person training in the Vancouver Lower Mainland or arrange equivalent occupational certificate training near your residential area.

13) Question: What is the class schedule looks like?

Answer: 80% of the online training are mainly conducting between 1pm-5:30pm during Monday to Friday. However, some of the online training and 20% of in person trainings are conducting in full day schedule between 8:30am-5:30pm. You need to make yourself

available during office hour on Monday to Friday between April 2024 – September 2024.

14) Question: Can I attend the online training while outside of BC?

Answer: No, you must reside in BC throughout the entire program, from April 2024 to September 2024. This program is 100% funded by the Ministry of BC for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and refugees/CUAET holders with an Open Work Permit residing in BC.

Before the start date of this free training program, you will be asked to provide two pieces of ID to prove your residential address in BC.

Additionally, attending 20% of the in-person training is a program requirement.

15) Question: Do you provide any living allowance or finance support during the program?

Answer: The STE Program differs from PBLMT as it does not provide a living allowance. If you are facing financial challenges, please contact a local Work BC Centre for a Case Manager to inquire about eligible financial support. However, the STE Program does offer a $750 incentive for individuals who successfully graduate from the program.

16) Question: Why do I need to input my SIN number into the online application website?

Answer: This program is 100% funded by the Ministry of BC for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and refugees/ CUAET holders with an Open Work Permit residing in BC, who are unemployed or precariously employed. The tuition fee is free of charge. Please input

your SIN number to verify your employment status corresponding to your CRA account for enrollment eligibility purposes. If you do not feel comfortable inputting your SIN number online, you can email us to arrange an in-person visit to present your SIN card at our Surrey or

Vancouver office.

17) Question: If I found a job in the middle of the program, can I withdraw from the program?

Answer: You can withdraw from the program before the start date. However, once you have enrolled in the program, please commit to completing it. The Ministry covers the full tuition regardless of whether you take part of or the entire program. If you withdraw in the middle of

the program, you not only waste government funding but also create a negative record in your CRA account, potentially affecting your benefits when you are unemployed in the future.

18) Question: I have more questions. Can I call or email someone?

Answer: As mentioned, reviewing applications and scheduling interviews is a time-consuming process, and we may not be able to answer phone calls at all times. If you have additional questions, please click the info session link below to attend our online info session at 12 pm-1pm every Wednesday from January 3 rd to March 27 th 2024. A facilitator will be available to address your inquiries during the info session. Alternatively, you can email your inquiries, and you should receive a response within 1-3 business days.

Weekly Info Session:

Please click the info session link below to register and attend our online info session at 12 pm-1pm on Wednesdays from January 3rd to March 27th 2024.

Contact Details

Yuhan Yu

(No phone inquiries.

Please attend info sessions to ask questions or email. Thank you!)

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