Immigrant Women Trades Apprenticeship Program (IWTA)

PICS is pleased to launch a new program, Immigrant Women Trades Apprenticeship Program (IWTA). The IWTA project focuses on recruiting, retaining and helping women apprentices in five identified Red Seal Trades in British Columbia: Carpenter, Plumber, Welder, Construction Electrician, and Construction Craft Worker.

It is a 10-week program (6 weeks of skills training and 4 weeks of work experience) that supports immigrant women apprentices from intercultural equity deserving groups who are underserved, facing multiple barriers to employment in these Red Seal trades in British Columbia. Our education partner is ACE Trades and Technical Institute.

Program Eligibility:

- Women in B.C. and

- Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents or Protected refugees

Program Benefits:

- 6-weeks of skills training followed by 4 weeks of work experience with employers

- Peer mentorship opportunities from experienced women in trades

- Living expenses, Participation and completion recognition

- Need based supports; adaptive technology, transportation and dependent care

- Professional work clothing, safety equipment, and criminal record check support

- Other supports in terms of materials, supplies, and books

- Individualized and customized action plan

- Employment support in terms of job readiness workshops and post-employment support

We are starting with the first cohort of Construction Electrician Trade on September 11, 2023. This program gives an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills needed to enter the Construction Electrician occupation. This program emphasizes a hands-on approach to training for Red Seal Trades in British Columbia. The training will have 6 weeks of skills training followed by 4 weeks of work experience with employer.

Along with the Program Eligibility Criteria as mentioned above, program admission criteria includes -

- Admissions Interview and

- Minimum score of 50% in English and Maths Assessment.

Learning Outcomes of Construction Electrician program:

- Measure voltage, current and resistance in electrical circuits

- Calculate current, voltage, and power in series, parallel, and series-parallel DC circuits

- Locate faults in basic series, parallel and series-parallel DC circuits

- Work safely with electrical equipment

- Describe the characteristics of electrical and electronic devices

- Describe how the Canadian Electrical Code applies

- Interpret labeling on electrical components

- Test basic electrical and electronic devices

We have limited seats.

Contact Details
Name - Uday Sandhu

Email -
Phone - 604 596 7722, extn. 553

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