Medical/Dental Office Assistant Diploma

About the Training

The Medical/Dental Office Assistant Diploma program is fully funded through the Community Workforce Response Grant.

Starting Date: 28th February 2022

Ending Date: 7th October 2022


•Be An Indigenous Person

•Be Living In B.C

•Have A Social Insurance Number

•Be Unemployed, or Employed Part-time, Seasonally, Casually, or

•Precariously employed and seeking training to find a new job.


•Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting

•Customer Service and Communication

•Administrative Procedures

•Office Skills

•Keyboarding Skills

•Introduction to Computers

•Medical Terminology


•Medical Office Procedures

•Dental Anatomy and Terminology

•Medical Transcription

•Clinical Skills

•Medical Billing

•Electronic Medical Records

•Dental Billing

•Dental Office Procedures

•Career Preparation

•Work Experience

Contact Information

Amin Islam

Tel: 604-596-7722 ext: 199


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